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Neil Martin is proud to present FOR SALE his unique and one-of-a-kind Santa Claus Illusion...

Designed and built by Neil Martin at the request of a corporate client for shopping centre appearances around the UK.

This illusion is a true one-off and completely ORIGINAL, a great CROWD BUILDER and will leave your audience stunned at the sudden and very magical appearance of Santa Claus from within a previously empty chimney!

Magician Andy Clockwise (left) warms up the crowd with a half hour magic show for the annual Christmas light switch-on at Dartford town centre, Kent... culminating in the magical appearance of SANTA CLAUS!!!

This impressive and UNIQUE illusion stands over 7 feet tall from the floor and will dominate any event with its bright cartoon-like features...

For transportation purposes it easily breaks down into 4 sections - (1) chimney top/rim, (2) main funnel, (3) base and (4) the stack of wrapped presents.

Will easily fit into a Ford transit van or similar.
The magician opens three sides of the chimney and a young volunteer from the audience gets a close look around.

Any member of the audience can walk right through it, look up, down and all around.

All four walls of the chimney (pictured, left) are less than 4mm thick and riveted to the metal framework. The only wall of the chimney that doesn't open is the wall backing the stack of presents.



In this photo, celebrity actor Brian Blessed assists magician Andy Clockwise in 'sweeping' the chimney prior to Santa's arrival...

During Brian Blessed's sweep, three young members of the audience stand guard by each side of the chimney, including the back wall.


Two (or more) children from the audience remain on stage throughout the performance to help the magician and ensure no funny business is taking place.

NOW, for the magic...

The magician closes all three sides of the chimney and stands back.

Smoke starts eminating from the chimney, there's a flash, and then the magician opens the chimney to reveal Santa claus filling the previously empty space and holding his sack of presents!!

At ALL times during the performance the audience can see above, below and all around the illusion.

The wheels can be locked but allow for the illusion to be rotated to any position.

Fully SELF CONTAINED no hidden assistants are required and the illusion can be assembled by two people in around 10 minutes.

From the stack of presents next to the chimney, the top box (pictured light blue, left) can be removed from the stack and filled with sweets or other goodies to throw out to the audience.

Comes complete and ready to perform including Santa suit, you just need to supply Santa's boots, a smoke machine plus of course your magician / presenter and someone to take on the role of Santa Claus.

Due to the uniqness of this illusion it has proved highly popular as an
innovative and original way to make Santa appear
at shopping centres,
town centre light switch-ons and other events in the run up to Christmas.

The recommended (and attainable) fee for retail / corporate clients is
circa £1,250 - £1,500 which includes a 30-45 minute magic show culminating
in the magician presenting the illusion to make Santa appear.

During the Christmas light switch-on 'season' in mid-November, the
potential revenue for that period alone is circa £7,500 - £10,000.

PLUS school events and other opportunities throughout the year, this is
a GUARANTEED money earner and will set you apart from other magicians
in your area and for miles around!!!

ASKING PRICE... £750.00
(buyer to collect from Leatherhead / nr. Jcn 9 M25)



For further information, call Neil Martin on 01372 361 004 or 07941 547 221